Uger Cloth Baby Nappies

Adding an extra member to your family? Trying to decide whether to use disposable diapers or cloth nappies? Are cloth diapers really a more environmentally friendly option? Then Yes, UGER nappies are made for your healthy baby, to keep your baby free from rash and irritation free skin.

Why UGER Nappy?

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of UGER product design.Our products are 100% pure cotton, which allows for skin to breath and prevents occurrence of rashes. In addition , our cloth products are cost effective because they are reusable. Disposable Diapers contain many chemicals linked to chronic health issues.

Making your baby wear the UGER nappy

Make sure the cloth inserts are securely placed inside the nappy by placing them under the straps located at each ends. Place the wider end of the nappy under your baby’s buttocks Slip the drawstrings located through the loops and secure with a simple knot.

How to wash UGER nappy

UGER baby diapers are machine washable. For hand washing , soak insoapy cold water for at least one hour and wash as you would any otherclothing. Do not use hot water , as stains will “fix” onto the cloth.Always hang in direct sun after wash..

UGER nappy Sizes

To suit the different needs of infants we make four sizes of diapers –

New born,  2-4 months,  4-8 months and  8+ months

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