iDISCOVER FELLOWSHIP our means through which this vision can turn into reality.  The fellowship program brings together young people from Rural and Urban spaces and places one fellow in a government school. The fellow works in the school to bring a whole school transformation by helping build bridges between the various stakeholders of the education system keeping children’s holistic development at the epicenter. We imagine a world where borders between urban and rural spaces become thinner, thereby we want to create a space where people from both these spaces live together and blend with each other’s culture, values and mission. 

The fellow will intervene directly in grades 3 and 4 working on English, math and EVS combined with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Our reason of choosing SEL through EVS was to help children make sense of the environment by taking them through a journey from self to the outside world, by going from known to unknown by going from concrete to abstract. Also, being aware of emotions helps children and us as individuals to know ourselves and take decisions in an informed way.

The fellow’s indirect intervention will be building relations with the community members, strengthening the School Management Committee by preparing School Development Program plans with the community, identifying local youth to create a cadre of leaders called the Young Learning Facilitators and similarly within schools called the Student Learning Facilitators, who can become not just one but many shadows of the fellow so that even after the fellow leaves the school after two years, the work started by the fellow still continues..

We believe that placing young people at the forefront of systemic changes is one of the most powerful solutions we have today to bring a change. And school is that unit which acts as a junction of stakeholders coming together so that the village folk, children, governance and the guests all will be able to live a happy and productive life and also be active citizens building this nation and also the world we live in.



  • No. of Fellows – 30 (By March 2018)
  • No. of Schools – 30 (By March 2018)
  • Location & No. of Schools – 20 Schools in Kotra and 10 Schools in Gogunda
  • Direct Intervention Class – Classes 3 and 4
  • Our Pedagogy – English, Math and EVS (EVS+Social& Emotional Learning)

Current Progress

Selection of 23 fellows is complete. (15 for Kotra and 8 for Gogunda)

An 11 day training period of fellows on pedagogy, planning, systems thinking and introduction to the organization’s culture and values was completed. Period – 17th to 27th November 2017

Fellows begin school on 1st December 2017