Uger Reusable Sanitary Products

Beliefs and practices around menstruation affect a women’s self image and self esteem, her health and well being, and her position in society. In resource poor communities, cloth harvested from old garments and other rags continue to be methods that are used to manage menstrual flow. While cloth is safe and hygienic, there are many negative practices around managing menstrual cloth that can potentially cause infections.

Disposable diapers and sanitary napkins are made of plastics and chemicals that are harmful for the body. Additionally the raw materials in the products do not decompose – instead the material break down into microscopic elements and enter water ways.

 With these cultural and other reasons, a strong need was felt for awareness about disposable sanitary products that are acceptable and affordable.  The Uger Project was started in 2011 – “Uger” means “new beginnings” in the Mewari language of South Rajasthan. This is a movement focusing on breaking silence around the subject of menstruation, promoting menstrual health and combating the growing use of disposable products and bringing back respect to reuse. This has been done by the design and development of Uger reusable cloth products – such as nappies and diapers.

  • The project helps a women’s group to earn a supplementary income for their families by stitching.
  • It includes men in menstruation who are otherwise marginalized
  • It helps women perceive and talk about and manage menstruation positively, connecting
  • with their bodies to make healthy choices and care for the environment.
Uger Pads
Uger Nappies
Why use Uger products?

Uger products are sustainable, affordable also very safe and best of all they biodegrade ! Cotton fabrics do not cause allergies and are cool to the skin.

Trainers taking a session with womens’ group
Girls learn to stich their own pads
Learning about menstruation
Men learn stitch Uger pads
Men learn stitch Uger pads

Establishing Cloth Pad Production Units in North East Region

Menstrual Health Webinar Series Details / माहवारी स्वास्थ्य वेबिनर सीरीज़ की जानकारी
Uger mentors students design projects on Sustainable Menstruation Management