The Khushi Project

The goal of this project is to strengthen the efficacy of Government’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme to improve health and well-being of children in the 0 to 6 years age group. Jatan Sansthan with the support of Hindustan Zinc Limited ( HZL ) and Department of Women and Child Development ( DWCD ), Government of Rajasthan ensures that the overarching objectives of the project are implemented efficiently through a team of 6 supervisors, 3 subject experts and 50 assistants.

Nutrition that is provided to the children coming to the centre is closely monitored to make sure that meals are healthy and balanced. Care is taken to maintain hygiene of pre-school children. We make sure that vaccinations and health check ups have been received in time, and that referrals are made when required.

Jatan Sansthan has closely worked with local communities who now actively participate in decision making and other activities. One very valuable contribution communities have been making is providing milk, pulses and other items free of cost. Through face book campaigns Jatan has been able to mobilize food and warm clothing for children. 


Along with sustainable development, Jatan has also stepped into the field of infrastructural development with the help of villagers in Udaipur and Rajsamand. Under this, the building of modern Anganwadi centre Nandghar, installation of drinking water purification plant, and construction of toilet complexes in schools were the main works undertaken.

Nandghar has been constructed in Rajsamand’s Railmagra with the support of Hindustan Zinc Limited ( HZL ) and the local community. The construction of the first 10 Nandghar in Railmagra is a significant achievement. These centres have facilities like Modern Child – Friendly ( Bal Mitra ) environment, paintings, 24 x 7 solar energy, purified drinking water, toilets and TVs for e-learning. For the upkeep of these centres, meaningful efforts to sensitize the local villagers have been made.

By the end of the year 2017, places were identified for the construction of another 100 Nandghar in Rajsamand and Khamnor along with Railmagra and the same was discussed with the local community and concerned panchayat.