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Jashne Jatan

Jatan in Hindi means an effort. It also means energy, striving, endeavour, diligence and perseverance.

 Jatan’s logo reflects this, as youth reach out for the sun, the source of life.

JATAN SANSTHAN is a grassroots not-for-profit organization working with rural and resource poor communities the state of Rajasthan, India in the districts of Rajsamand, Udaipur and Bhilwada. Jatan has its presence in more than 250 villages across these areas, which have traditionally had poor social indicators. 

Since its establishment in 2001, Jatan has designed and implemented various initiatives geared towards improving social and demographic indicators by working with youth groups. In the last decade, Jatan has worked on programs related to children, young people and women in the areas of health and education.

Our Vision

Jatan envisions a society where people lead a healthy, safe and empowered life, free from all forms of discrimination.

Our Mission
  • Jatan’s mission is to empower communities by giving them spaces to freely express their concerns. 

  • Jatan aims to provide information that will enable communities to seek social and scientific solutions, so that communities can become their own agents of change. 

  • Jatan encourages active participation of youth in decision making, policy formulation and advocacy across various forums at national and international level.


A group of like-minded individuals lead by education specialist Dr Kailash Brijwasi, got together and began working with communities initially at Relmagra in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan and later on other areas.  These individuals had common philosophies and a common vision for development.  Amongst the founder members was Late Babuji (Srilal Garg) also an education specialist from the area spearheaded much of what Jatan does today.  Our work started with reproductive health and life skills workshops with adolescent boys groups in the year 2001. This was made possible through a small grant received by one of the founder members, Lakshmi Murthy. 

These initial efforts formed the foundation for future leading on to the work we do with children, adolescents, youth and women.  Jatan Sansthan was formally registered in 2001. 

Registration Details

Registration No : 2/Rajsamand/2001,2002 dated 12.06.2001

Registered in : 2001

Registered under : Society Registration Act 1958.

Founder : Dr Kailash Brijwasi

Present Leader : Dr Kailash Brijwasi

Tax Exemptions : u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Tax Exemptions : u/s 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

FCRA Registration No. : 125750008, Dt.05.03.2010





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