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Previous Projects

Projects 2015 to 2023

Hilor (UNFPA)

Years Phase 1 : 2015-17 – Kherwada, Phase 2: 2017-19 – Gogunda

Hilor – Action for Adolescent Girls (AAG) was a commitment that prioritized support to reach the most marginalized adolescent girls. This project was in collaboration with UNFPA, Directorate of Women Empowerment and Jatan Sansthan. The strategy aimed to protect the girl’s human rights through a combination of targeted interventions to delay marriage and childbearing, prevent unintended pregnancy and build up health, social and economic assets among the most vulnerable adolescent girls. This was done by cascading life skill education strategies amongst the adolescent girls. The effort reached out to more than 12,500 tribal adolescent girls of tribal locations of Kherwara, Gogunda and Sayra of Udaipur District – through 423 adolescent girls clubs.

Khushi Project – 2016 to 2023

The Khushi Project was tri-partite Public–Private–People initiative reaching out to Anganwadis (Early Childhood Care Centres) in select blocks in South Rajasthan. Jatan Sansthan was one of the implementing partners of this project, working with 509 Anganwadis Centres in the areas of Railmagra, Rajsamand and Khamnor with support of Hindustan Zinc Private Limited and Ministry of Women & Child Development. The following activities were undertaken:

  • supplementary nutrition and health, developed kitchen gardens, improved take home ration, recipe trial and training
  • identified malnourished children and referred for further care
  • strengthened Preschool education at AWCs and support to increase the main streaming of children in school
  • capacity building and digital learning on PSE Child assessment for school readyness
  • community engagement and contribution for sustainable aanganwadi services and also through Convergence with community develop Model AWCs.

Nandghar, modifying and modernizing the buildings of existing Anganwadi centre was also
a part of the Khushi initiative. This included construction of toilet complexes in schools and
installation of drinking water purification plants were the tasks undertaken.

ChildFund India – 2016 to 2020 - Gogunda

Jatan Sansthan collaborated and partnership with ChildFund India to implement the ChildFund India’s program in the block of Gogunda.  The effort worked towards ensuring that children from the most marginalized sections of society become able, confident and responsible adults. The project addressed critical issues related to children’s holistic development by engaging key stakeholders including families, communities, schools, government and children themselves. Comprehensive support to children was givcen through interventions that integrated health, nutrition, gender, education, livelihoods and child protection. Subsequently the initiative was expanded and Jatan Sansthan became the Lead Partner of ChildFund India to provide technical input, monitoring and supervision at Jhadol and Kotra in collaboration and partnership with the other NGO’s nameley Chetna Arogya Mandir and Kalyani.

F.A.Y.A - 2018- 2021 – Dungarpur

Feminist Adolescent Youth Action: Increasing access to quality adolescent sexual and reproductive health education was central to this project. Sexual and Reproductive Health Curriculum was developed and facilitators were trained to disseminate information. Topics included reproduction, methods of protection, relative risk of HIV, and information about where to access services. Sessions conducted with 3000 adolescents of which 65% were female adolescents who were out of school.

Gargi Project - 2019- 2021 – Dungarpur

The project goal was to strengthen the Gargi Manch Initiative in secondary schools to promote adolescent empowerment. Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan of the Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan initiated “Gargi” Collectives to promote adolescent empowerment. The mandate includes enrolment and retention of girls in schools, development of Gender safe schools and enhanced ability of girls to challenge existing stereotypes and gender based violence which impact their development. All Secondary schools of Rajasthan have a Gargi Manch(forum) in their schools with girls and boys as members. Out of school girls are also a part of this.

Project L.O.V.E. Learning Orbit for Village Excellence - 2017 - 2022

This was a collaborative project between Kshamtalaya and Jatan Sansthan and was implemented in rural parts of Kotra and Gogunda. The project brought educational and social equity by re-imagining and contributing to learning spaces-implement through a fellowship programme. The fellowship program brought together young people from Rural and Urban spaces and fellows were placed in government school. The fellow worked in the school to bring transformation by helping build bridges between the various stakeholders of the education system, keeping children’s holistic development at the epicenter.

Strengthening School Management Committee / School Development and Management committee – 2021 to 2022- Dungarpur

Communities led by SMC/SDMCs can play a constructive role in ensuring that learning is not hampered outside of school premises, through active ownership of communities. SMCs have a crucial role in ascertaining the schools themselves become safe inclusive zones, free of stigma and discrimination for every child, when the school structures reopen again for students. Care must also be taken to prevent stigmatizing of those, who may have been exposed to the virus directly, indirectly or presumptively by other students and staff. Finally an oversight of precautions necessary to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in school settings also falls in SMC/SMDCs roles

Covid Relief – 2020 – 2022

With the onset of COVID – 19, Jatan Sansthan with financial support from various projects distributed 1100 Ration Kits and over 10,000 masks among rural communities in more than 40 Panchayats of Rajsamand and Gogunda Block of Udaipur District.

Jatan partnered with “We Stand With Her” Campaign, “Her health First”. Both campaigns raised funds were able to distribute 4100 pads to those in need.

Gynodaya Project - 2021 to 2023 - Karauli

This was an educational transformation project, with Government primary schools of Karauli block, supported by NSE Foundation (National Stock Exchange). The missions of the project was, demonstrating centers of excellence in schools for holistic learning environment and creating a cadre of young development professionals as anchors for bringing the systemic shift in academics