Adolescents and Young People

e-Learning and Resource Centre

The word “yuva” in Hindi means youth or young people. This is Jatan Sansthan’s centre for young people located at Khad Bamaniya Village, near Relmagra, Rajsamand. The location of the centre was selected with care as it is accessible from three villages – Pachamta, Khad Bamaniya and Ganeshpura. Constructed in 2017, the centre houses many activities.

GEMS for Boys

The GEMS program was designed and first tested between 2008-2011 in Mumbai, Maharashtra municipal schools to improve attitudes and behaviors of girls and boys on gender equality and reduce gender-based violence. Since then, GEMS has been adapted and implemented in around 25,000 schools in multiple sites across Asia, including Maharashtra, Bihar and Jharkhand in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines reaching around 2.5 million students.


Expected Outcomes 


GEMS for Boys aims to achieve following outcomes at the institution, school and individual (students and teachers) levels, which will be measured through a robust third-party evaluation using quantitative and qualitative study design.

F.A.Y.A - Feminist Adolescent Youth Action

Increasing access to quality adolescent sexual and reproductive health education is central to growing demand for health choices and services. It requires an integrated response, combining: strategic engagement, so that governments adopt ‘what works’ and are accountable to young people; new content that changes pedagogic approaches both in and out-of-school; and delivery so that adolescent sexual and reproductive health education is explicitly linked to youth-focused health services.

The fact that sex education is still not part of the school curriculum in most parts of the country, is a telling and worrying comment on India’s inability to engage in a much-needed conversation about sex, or even reproductive health. Public discussions on this topic are often fueled by religious, social, and cultural values, thus preventing many states including Rajasthan to provide sex education as part of the school curriculum.