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Supported by UNICEF, Rajasthan office, the project is being implemented in 30 villages under 6 Panchayats of Gogunda and Udaipur

Positive masculinity programming creates a safe space for men and boys to reflect on what it means to be a man and encourages them to redefine masculinity to be more emotionally expressive, inclusive, empathetic, and compassionate. This approach provides alternatives to the traditional and patriarchal masculinity that can be detrimental to men and boys and that is often a driver of GBV. Positive masculinity helps to focus the conversation on how men and boys can use their physical and emotional strength to champion women, which in turn, strengthens the entire community. Work with men and boys to advance gender equality can be taken up across a spectrum of avenues to ensure holistic results.

As per the priorities in Rajasthan, the program design followed a three-pillared approach to achieve the results. The key interventions proposed are based on the three V’s Voice, Violence Prevention and Vistas of opportunities identified as the three pillars of interventions. The gender transformative approach envisages to work with local champions and influencers at households, communities, local institutions (schools) and to address them at all levels of government. The key interventions are framed for development of strategic communication that can be implemented at scale, leveraging different platforms and resources for engagement, and adopting a monitoring and evaluation practice to measure the behavioral shifts.

Strengthening Panchayati Raj
Supported by Azim Premji Foundation, the vision of the current project is to have a People’s Panchayat with due responsibility and responsiveness.
Family Counselling Centre
This is a self funded initiative of Jatan Sansthan- which was started in the year 2006 and continues today.
Rajpusht – Transforming Systems for Delivering High Impact Nutrition Results in Rajasthan.