Uger cloth pads

To suit the different needs of every phase of menstruation or periods we make three styles of pads – pad with an insert napkin, a light pad and a panty liner. The pads come in different colours. All our products are made of 100% cotton and absorb discharges well. Every pad can be folded up into a neat little packet for carrying in your hand bag and for storing.

How to wear the Uger pad?

For using an UGER pad you simply fold the wings around your panty and close the buttons as seen in the picture. Make sure that the plain white side of the pad is the side that is next your body and the colorful printed side is below. There is an important reason for this. You need to see the colour of the blood that is being discharged. If the discharge colours are yellow, green or pink – these indicate infection and you will need to see a doctor.

How to wash the Uger pad?

Soak the pads and napkins in cold water, then use soap and wash them like you would wash your other clothing. Do not use hot water. Hot water will ‘fix’ blood stains on the cloth, as blood is made up of proteins. ! Do not use fabric conditioner. Conditioner will soften your pad and then it may not absorb well. Afterward washing hang in direct sun as shown.

Uger light pad

The pad for days with lighter flow consists of six layers of cotton fabric. To keep the pad in place you fasten the wings around your panty with the snaps or press buttons that are provided– this will also prevent shifting of the pad.

Uger insert pad

The pad for heavy flows is quite similar to the light pad, it has loops to insert towels to absorb that extra flow during the heavy days of your period.

Uger Panty liners

These are thin cotton pads, smaller in size. This is for all days when you think your period may start so that you feel comfortable. It is perfect too on those last days when there is minor spotting. They can also be used during days of more white discharge and also when you have to travel for long hours and you don’t have the provision to change your panties.

For Purchasing Pads

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