Apna Jatan Kendra

Mothers in the settlement are domestic workers and find the centre convenient to drop off their children when they go to work. Additionally the centre functions as an “after school” space for children where they get help with their home work, participate in creative activities and us their time constructively after school.  Music, sports, field trips, dance and drama are part of the many activities. The centre is managed by three full time staff members – two teachers and an attendant. A nutritious breakfast is provided each morning.

Strategies developed to continue non-formal education activities during COVID-19 :

Since the Government Of India directive was to keep all schools, colleges and centres closed, Jatan Team worked on a new strategy to continue contact with students at the Apna Jatan Kendra – our children’s centre at Neemuch Kheda Basti. 

  • To maintain social distancing, students have been divided into groups with 5 to 6 children in each group. 

  • 8 groups have been formed

  • Consent was taken from parents, and activities have been resumed

  • We serve a mid day meal for younger children, this has been resumed