Family Counselling Centre

The cases registered until now are from blocks that are in and around Railmagra. The cases are often referred from the nearby police stations or sometimes by the fieldworkers. Once a case is registered, Jatan makes sure that the victim is comfortable and makes sure that justice is not being denied to them. This helps the women to be empowered and give voice to their grievances and stand up for their rights. Once the issue on hand is managed, Jatan keeps track of the client’s progress up to one year through repeated follow ups.

The centre also takes initiative in creating awareness among various issues that work negatively for women. This keeps communities alert and women safe. The centre also networks with media and also keeps the client well connected to resources to use them in times of emergencies.

In 2016-2017 there were 25 cases that were registered under the family counselling centre. The cases could be broadly classified into emotional assault, physical assault, alcoholism, remarriage, dowry issues. 40 percent of the clients sought the counselling service due to emotional assault, which included eve teasing, abandonment by the husband, being thrown out from their homes and others. 6 percent of the clients sought help due to physical assault and 8 percent of the cases were due to husband remarriage while another 8 percent were due to property issue, 4 percent due to dowry issues and another 4 percent due to alcoholism.