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Men in Menstruation

Our initiative “Men in menstruation” catalyzes a life change, sensitizing young men and boys through workshop sand conversations and covers the following areas.

  • Changes in adolescents, that boys and girls experience :
  • the content focuses on both menstruation in girls and nightfall/nocturnal emission in boys.
  • It covers the science of menstruation, clears misconceptions and
  • superstitions
  • The sessions articulate why men need to be at the centre of menstruation
  • It lays forward the role men can play in busting silence, myths and superstition
  • It lays out the responsibility men have in creating infrastructure (for example ensuing that there are well designed wash rooms both at home and in public spaces)
Both male and female facilitators conduct sessions. Men involved in all aspects of menstruation, conversations, making pads and as facilitators.