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Menstrual Health Webinar Series Details
माहवारी स्वास्थ्य वेबिनार सीरीज़ की जानकारी

Webinar Series: Menstrual Health Bharat Darshan

September 2020

Jatan Sansthan has planned a series of Webinar episodes. This is an effort to hear and document community voices and practices around menstruation through a field lens. The speakers are members from the communities and frontline workers, who present a first-hand overview of what menstruation and it’s management has meant to them.The attempts is to build a comparative understanding of issues across states,get insights into complexities of caste, gender, class and other identities that shape menstruation experiences. The outcome will be a repository for those working in the menstrual space. The documentation will be made available on the Jatan Website – jatansansthan.org and other forums.

Webinar Series: Menstrual Health Bharat Darshan

Episode 1

Voices from Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan

Episode 2

Voices from Assam, Nagaland, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi

Episode 3

Voices from Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan

Episode 4

Development Discourse: Communication for Reproductive Health

Episode 5

Voices from Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Kerala and Rajasthan

Episode 6

Voices from the ground sharing Menstrual Health Experiences, Challenges and Successful Practices