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Other Uger Products”

Scrub Caps / Hats

These caps are used to cover your head and hold back the hair. These caps have become critical during COVID times. They help to keep the work areas such as operation theatres, bakeries, kitchens and saloons free from contamination.

Salter Pants

These harnesses are used while weighing new-born babies. The babies legs are placed in the leg holes of the pants and the strap is attached to the weighing scale.These pants are used by health workers who monitor growth of children.

Baker's Caps

Baker’s Caps are designed to prevent hair from falling into the food when at work.

Kangaroo Care Bag

Kangaroo Care Bag is very useful when caring for low birth weight babies and pre term infants. A baby is placed in the bag and is held against the parents chest. The infant gets all the necessary warmth, maintaining the baby’s temperature and giving the baby energy. This help in weight gain.