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Reproductive and Menstrual Health

Know Your Menstruator अपने मेंसट्रूएटर्स को पहचानें

A booklet sharing menstruation stories from trans / intersex/ other individuals

Kahani Har Mahine ki

A learning tool on menstruation for the visually impaired. The tool is a box with information slates, covering, bodies, growing up, reproductive organs, menstruation and management

Uger Kit

The Uger Kit consists of all tools required for conducting a menstrual health training. Menstrual products, kavad book, menstrual wheel, underwear, nutrition flag and others.

Menstrual Wheel / माहवारी चक्का

Two card paper discs are pivoted at the centre. As the discs are rotated the process of menstruation is revealed.

Kavad Book/कावड़ किताब 

This is a double sided book with illustrations on changes during adolescence, of both Sundari and adolescent girl and Sundar an adolescent boy. The book is designed with many layers of information.

Seedhi Sachi Baat

A pocket size comic book on menstruation and management

Nutrition Flag

A nutrition training tool based on the colours of the national flag. Each color has examples of corresponding fruits, vegetables and grains.